There is something so beautiful about photographing a pregnant mom-to-be. Whether it is your first or third pregnancy there is the magic of anticipating the new arrival and so much excitement. To document this unforgettable experience in the life of parents is such a privilege for a photographer. I think baby bellies are so beautiful and should be celebrated with the little ones when they are older.

Roxy contacted me to shoot her maternity session just a few days before her due date. I usually schedule maternity sessions in 7 or 8th month of pregnancy when the belly is nice and round.. so I was a bit worried how the session would go at such late stage of pregnancy.. but when I saw Roxy all my anxiety was gone! Boy… did she look stunning and fit! She was one seriously stylish mama-to-be! She totally rocked a stunning black maxi dress with a back bow,  gorgeous chiffon mini dress as well as simple casual outfits. Stunning backdrop of Las Chapas beach, wonderful light and the models made my job so easy! I loved it! Roxy has already given birth to a beautiful and healthy boy! Wishing you all the best!!!

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