This maternity session in Marbella had me all in tears!  Niek contacted me a few months before the shoot to organise everything to perfection. Well.. after all it wasn’t a regular maternity session! It was a maternity session with a surprise proposal! It was one of the most emotional shoots ever!! Elisa wasn’t suspected anything and she was sooo shocked!!! She was so over the moon! She couldn’t stop crying and laughing at the same time.

Anyone planning a surprise proposal? Let me photograph it!

maternity-session-marbella018 maternity-session-marbella019 maternity-session-marbella020 maternity-session-marbella021 maternity-session-marbella022 maternity-session-marbella023 maternity-session-marbella024 maternity-session-marbella025 maternity-session-marbella026 maternity-session-marbella027 maternity-session-marbella028 maternity-session-marbella029 maternity-session-marbella030 maternity-session-marbella031 maternity-session-marbella032 maternity-session-marbella033 maternity-session-marbella034 maternity-session-marbella035 maternity-session-marbella036 maternity-session-marbella037 maternity-session-marbella038 maternity-session-marbella039

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