Remember I told you we were going to take some photos on the bunny farm… well… it was not really a bunny farm. And so all the excitement we had driving to this place was quickly gone when I saw two bunnies… yes, 2! Ok, they were very cute bunnies, and the place was nice but you know how you have the picture in your head, you imagine the setting, create those scenes in your head and then you just stand there.. and it is all gone… WILL NOT HAPPEN. Well, it wasn’t the best photosession, there was hardly any shade and the wind was just crazy. The girls were not so happy to be holding bunnies.. and oh well, we took some but had to quickly change the plan. So we changed location and came up with the idea of tutu easter picnic. I think it worked so much better. Thanks Alison for all your help, you are a star! hope you enjoy the pictures. Hasta luego!

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