I have spotted this place soooo long ago and couldn’t take it out of my mind since. I knew it would be a perfect location for a shooting. So after discussing it with Alison (my new business partner who takes care of all the props and has amazing shooting ideas)  so many times we finally decided to give it a go! Since the place is a private property we had no idea if we could get in. Fortunatelly, the owner was such a nice older man! Not only did he let us shoot but also gave us a little tour!! :) Girls had so much fun that didn’t want to leave. So after many ants bites (must remeber to wear boots next time), screaming and running away from giaaaant beetles we came up with this cute images. Isn’t it a nice alternative for a park with perfectly cut grass?

and their well deserved icecream! :)

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August 10, 2012
Pięknie Moje kilmaty;-)